【13 July】 The race in 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19 desease. We apologize any inconvenience.

‘Step cautiously on a mountain path of 1000 years traced ancient climbers and experience mental and physical refreshment,’

Mt. Ontake, Kiso is a holly symbolic mountain gain believes and reverences.
Mountain founded on eary seventh century, began to open for common believers after Kakumei gyoja found Kurosawa route on 1782 and Fukan gyojya found Otaki route 1792 getting to climb mountain for common people not only for religious water fall purification. ‘Ontake Old Trail’ is histrical mountain trail road, enjoy mountain trekking listen stream creek, see color transition of trees, pretty mountains grasses, and meet mountain animals, feeling heart and the body revive on the real nature. Wish to visit and experience beautiful and impressive old mountain trail from all around the world. 

Ontake Old Trail Race held for maintain Ontake old trail and sightseeing usage promotion. 

Race Information


【14 July】 The race in 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19 desease. We apologize any inconvenience.

【18 March】 The race postpone from 5 May to Fall, 2020 due to COVID-19 desease. We apologize any inconvenience.


Otaki Village, Kiso Nagano JAPAN
Main Venue: Matsubara Sports Park


Category:36km +2,700m
Qualifications: 16 years and older
Number of Entrant : 300 each race
Entry Fee:Adult 10,000 JPY  High School student 8,000 JPY Race Award Party Fee[TBA]
Entry Period:TBA
Prize:Top 10 finisher (Men 5th Women 5th), age prize would available.
Cancel and change policy:
Please be aware that thereno entry fee refunds for whatever the reason once you’ve resister for the race. Your entry (race bib/number) cannot be transferred to another person.

Gear and Equipment

Mandatory Equipment(Require to carry during the race)
・Race Bib ・Cell phone or Smart phone as notify your registration
・GPS device(Watch, Smart Phone apprication)

Recommend Equipment (As your demand)
・Drinking requid (recommend more than 1 little) and foods
・Fast aid Kit(Wound tape, Taping, etc)
・Water proof wear and warm wear



Race Regulation

・General information :
Start time is 10 AM all together and finish count by passing finish gate.
Race course will share for public, not exclusive for the race and do not disturb public user such as hiker mountaineer, believer. At passing public users, calling, greeting, reduce speed and pass carefully on wide and safe place.
Race course set Check Point (CP). At the return point of Check Point 2, need to slowdown to put signature on your bib.
Finish cut off time is seven hour after start and CP1 and CP3 has cut off time. More detail will be announced.
Rights to the photos, articles, etc. are owned by the race organization and protected by copyright laws.
Drop out of the race: Runner must declare to race staff if decide to drop off the race. Runner cannot return to the race after drop off. Runner should reach Start/Finish area (Matsubara Sports Park) themselves if possible to move, or follow instruction of race staff if impossible to move themselves.
Prohibition of the race : Runner may disqualify if against the following rules and does not obey attention of the staff, and organizer may stop their race.
1.Short cut or run off the race course.
2.Do not carry mandatory equipment.
3.Throw away garbage.
4.Unfair, dangerous action(using transportation, substitute runner, other action against with law)
5.Do not follow instruction from race staff.
6.Continue Racing after Cut off time.
Race Cancel Regulation
1.Event of the weather Waring by the meteorological agency. .
2.The inability of the race to ensure runner and staff safety due to risks such as landslides and rockfalls along the course.
3.Natural disasters.
4.Race Organizer does not refund race entry fee due to race cancel ,race stop or race course shortening.
・ Runner’s Responsibility
1.Understanding and train to have enough ability for the race distance and particularity of running on the mountain at long time.
2.Have enough ability for capable of the issues such type of the mountain running and Understanding for own responsibility.
3.Cope with the issues and troubles predicted at the mountain environment such as low temperature, strong wind, rain, or snow without any other support.
4. Cope with the issues such as tiredness, malfunction of the internal and the digestive organs, pain from muscles, mental and physical issues from slight injures.
5.Deeply understanding to cope with the issues of related to safety during activity in the natural environment by their each own ability.
・Race Organizer’s Responsibility
1.Set Up making using marking materials(tapes, sigh board) and information signs on the race course.
2.Duty to manage runners safety on perform their duties with due care of a prudent manager thru race staff.
3.Take out compensation responsibility insurance and all race runner’s accident insurance.
(Race organizer shall take emergency measures for injures ,illness or other accidents during the race and do not take the responsibility beyond the insurance as instructed.
 Type of runner’s accident insurance :Zenkyoren Insurance
 Insurance amount :death – three million JPY, treatment by part – 5,000~360,000 JPY

Race Registration

To be announced at this site.

Accommodation, Sightseeing, Access

Contact to Otaki sight-seeing office
TEL +81-264-48-2257 9:00~17:00

Kiso Area information
Kiso Ontake tourism Office



Race Committee

Organizer:Ontake Old Train Race Committee
Race chairman :Kenji Goto
Vice race chairman:Hiroshi Seto
Race Committee Director:Humihiro Maruyama
Members of the Race Committee:Kiso Ontake tourism Office /  Otaki community-reactivating cooperator squad


Ontake Tourism / Chubu regional forest office / Kiso regional forest office / Ontake Shrine / Otaki village Sight seeing Cooperation / Nagano Ken Seiyaku